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blade01.debile 3 minutes ago sa-learn-cyrus/0.3.5-1.1 clang [source]
blade02.debile 3 minutes ago pyacidobasic/2.2-1 clang [source]
blade03.debile 3 minutes ago fonts-century-catalogue/001.001-6 clang [source]
bash8/0.1.1-1 build [all]
liblangtag/0.5.1-2 build [amd64]
blade04.debile a minute ago None-Assigned
blade05.debile 3 minutes ago drupal7-mod-jscommunicator/1.0.1-1 clang [source]
tk-table/2.10-2 build [amd64]
morse2ascii/0.2+dfsg-1 build [amd64]
blade06.debile 3 minutes ago python-djvulibre/0.3.9-3 build [amd64]
mixxx/1.11.0~dfsg-3 build [amd64]
blade07.debile 3 minutes ago librdf-acl-perl/0.103-1 build [all]
u-boot/2014.07+dfsg1-1 build [amd64]
blade08.debile 3 minutes ago tryton-modules-stock/3.2.0-1 clang [source]
xfce4-radio-plugin/0.5.1-3 build [amd64]
libconfig-inifiles-perl/2.83-3 build [all]
shutdown-qapps/1.6.8-1 build [amd64]
blade09.debile 3 minutes ago libanyevent-handle-udp-perl/0.043-1 clang [source]
felix-framework/4.4.0-1 build [all]
websocket-client/0.16.0a-2 build [all]
blade10.debile 3 minutes ago pymilter-milters/0.8.18-2 clang [source]
haskell-pandoc-types/ build [amd64]
glyr/1.0.6+git20140423-1 build [amd64]
blade11.debile 3 minutes ago crawl/2:0.14.1-2 build [amd64]
blade12.debile 2 minutes ago python-ceilometerclient/1.0.10-1 clang [source]
killbots/4:4.14.0-1 honorcxx [source]
r-bioc-variantannotation/1.10.5-1 build [amd64]
dgit/0.22 build [all]
blade13.debile 2 minutes ago libgetopt-java/1.0.14+dfsg-2 clang [source]
netbase/5.2 build [all]
r-cran-e1071/1.6-3-1 build [amd64]
haskell-xdg-basedir/0.2.2-2 build [amd64]
blade14.debile 3 minutes ago unison2.32.52/2.32.52-7 build [amd64]
msort/8.53-2 build [amd64]
blade15.debile 3 minutes ago libcatalyst-model-dbi-perl/0.32-2 build [all]
blade16.debile 3 minutes ago puppet-module-puppetlabs-apache/1.0.1-1 clang [source]
seivot/1.17-1 build [all]
fedmsg-meta-debian/0.2-1 build [all]


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default unstable

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